Specialist in addiction medicine since 1973, author of The Twelve Step Pathway - A Heroic Journey of Recovery

Autobiography of a Georgia Cat reflects the experiential wisdom of at least nine lives. In gently reminding less enlightened two-legged consorts, Black Jack (as channeled by Michael Cowl Gordon) deals fortunate readers a winning hand. We view timeless truths through the vibrant if dysfunctional tapestry of Black Jack’s adoptive human family and feline friends, replete with universally familiar foibles and lore. Life’s delicious, painful duality, the insidiousness and toxicity of addiction, the arbitrary elegance of the unfolding cosmos; each thicket of briars is skillfully traversed by our sleek black savant.

The overarching importance of remembering that we are all spiritual beings of equal value participating in transitory living and learning experiences is poignantly illustrated through teachings from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American Indian Mythology. Each tenet unfolds through the insights of Black Jack and similarly enlightened felines, who as any cat lover knows (and is reminded daily in the most strident tones) must be regarded as the most intuitive and highly evolved of all creatures.

That this appreciation of the agonizing wondrousness of life’s falling apart and falling together is told by a cat is by turns disarming and profound. Consider Black Jack’s seminal parting meow. “We only pass through this world, have our brief moment to live and love, and then travel on down that mysterious path, sweetly shrouded in hope, leading to new worlds of life and love.”

Michael Cowl Gordon has written a book that I will be recommending to almost anyone who is dealing with issues of grief and loss, addiction and recovery, or searching for spiritual clarity. I can also recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story, and for cat lovers it is a must read!